Thursday, May 17, 2012

Upcoming Releases To Get Horny About: Leaks Are Bad

Yeah, so the new Mutilation Rites album has already leaked.  So for a lot of people, this album is already old.  Me personally?  I don't download leaks.  Not anti-download: I download quite a bit of shit.  But many times, I give bands the common courtesy of waiting until after the official release before pirating the album... and sometimes, when I am feeling kinda crazy, I even pay for music.  In 2012.  Creepy no?

I absolutely adored last years double release from Botanist, and I see the project as one of the best and most exciting in Black Metal right now.  So I could not be more stoked for the new album, which sees Botanist become even more strange, spell binding and atmospheric.

Another leak, this one has been up on Youtube for a few weeks now, and yes I listened to it that way.  No where near enough to make a full judgment, but my initial feeling is this: pretty bad.  I am in the minority when it comes to Belus and Fallen: while neither were masterpieces, I enjoyed them.  Umskiptar feels totally toothless, and frequently heads into "irredeemably cheesy" territory.  Still, once I get my hands on the full length, I can spend more time with it.

Fucking killer new band from Sri Lanka, Genocide Shrines debut EP should be hitting pretty soon.  Thick, skull crushing, atmospheric Death Metal.  Reminds me a lot of Innumberable Forms and Muknal.  Should be one of the best releases of the year.

Also got a couple of bonus links for all my lovely readers:

 New Martyrdod track via Pitchfork:

Sounds solid.  Martyrdod deliver the goods.

New track from The Tallest Man on Earth via Rolling Stone:

We here at the Curse are big Folk music fans, so any news of The Tallest Man on Earth is gonna be a big deal.  Truth be told, Kristian Matsson's project has been on a steady decline since Shallow Grave, but at the very least There's No Leaving Now should be pretty and relaxing.