Monday, January 9, 2012

Best of 2011 Genre Awards: Death Metal

5.) Antediluvian- Through The Cervix of Haawh

No band has taken as large a step forward as Antediluvian this year. Out of nowhere, this Canadian band went from over-done and pretentious Incantation worship to full all, Occult Death Metal masters. No doubt, the move to a 4-piece was the major reason for this. Through the Cervix of Haawh is smart, dirty and demonic Death Metal at it's finest.

4.) Disma- Towards The Megalith
Mmmmmm. Finnish and New York Death Metal, extra raw and bloody. Just the way I love it.

3.) Baring Teeth- Atrophy

As dissonant and jarring as any album released this year, Atrophy is also an atmospheric force. Doom-infused, Jazzy Death Metal that proves Technical Death Metal is anything but wank. Honestly, blows the new Ulcerate out of the water.

2.) Sonne Adam- Transformation

Ritualistic bleakness without over-wrought production and static, Transformation is not only a brilliant slice of blasphemous aural destruction, but also proof positive that Death Metal can be recorded in a professional studio and sound professionally recorded while being atmospheric and heavy.

1.) Gigan- Quasi-Hallucinogenic Sonic Landscapes

A distorted, twisted vortex of sonic disasters, Quasi-Hallucinogenic Sonic Landscapes is the equivalent of standing naked in a hurricane and letting the debris lash and smash into you. Basically, if Discordance Axis were to play Death Metal, they would sound like Gigan. In a year dominated by old school worship, Gigan stand out with their blistering originality.

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