Saturday, February 4, 2012

Desecravity- Implicit Obedience(2012)

Desecravity- Implict Obedience

Desecravity might just be the best Brutal Death Metal band on Earth right now. Of course that claim requires perspective, as Suffocation and Deeds of Flesh still rule this very brutal roost. What I mean is that in terms of debuts from young, up and coming Brutal Death Metal acts, Implicit Obedience is the best I have heard in a long, long time. Hailing from Japan, which has a fairly vibrant Brutal Death Metal scene, Desecravity pile on all the "brutalness" any fan could possibly ever hope for. They just do it while also having, riffs.

So few Brutal Death Metal bands seem to have them nowadays, it come as a shock. Implicit Obedience has honest-to-God riffs, and is not just a mish-mash of breakdowns, sweeps and pinch harmonics. It has all of those elements no doubt, but tempers the sheer insanity of it all with powerful, brutal guitar riffs that just make all the other insanity that much more satisfying. Compared to sheer stupidity of some of acts in the genre, Desecravity are like a bunch of Asian Motzart's, though I imagine Motzart could never muster a more inhuman guttural growl than Yujiro Suzuki. Mr. Suzuki has some of the most impressive pipes you will find in Death Metal today, and his performance is one of many highlights found through-out Implicit Obedience.

Thoroughly modern sounding, nothing about Implicit Obedience is likely to change die-hard haters opinions on this genre. But for those of us who can appreciate a good breakdown and some serious guitar acrobatics, Implict Obedience delivers on all accounts. The aforementioned guitar acrobatics are met with equally impressive(and modern sounding) bass work and the furious blasting drums(fully triggered) that one comes to expect from the genre. Again, it just comes down to the riffs: those are what set Implicit Obedience apart from contemporary Brutal Death Metal albums. Halfway through "Enthralled in Decimation," the track unleashes one of many head-banging, blistering riffs that do a fantastic job of keeping the "stupid-but-awesome" brutality in check. At times, these riff heavy sections bring to mind Incantation, Immolation and even Bolt Thrower, although they rarely last too long before the weedely-weedely kicks back in like a furious cyclone of virtuosity.

And as a fan of quality Brutal Death Metal, I would not have it any other way. Implicit Obedience is great because it finds that fine line between utter, incomprehensible brutality and competent Death Metal songwriting that so few in the genre ever seem to obtain. But when that sweet spot is hit right between the eyes like it is here, it becomes something pretty fucking awesome. What sweet brutality Desecravity have unleashed on us. Just sit back and be reduced to base atomic particles.

Rating: 9/10

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  1. When you talk about Motzart, are you talking about some band, or do you mean Mozart, the composer?

    Also, apparently this makes me a 'die-hard hater of the genre' as I found the record utterly tedious. Hey, I like Suffocation! :P