Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Curse Weekly Playlist: Bestial Barrage

I was a little late on last weeks playlist, so this week I thought I would be early.  I was inspired to make this playlist because of an awesomely idiotic thing that happened at The Extreme Music Forum(if you have a account, join up), in which this happened: Bestial Brostep(Dubstep).  The following are the masterpieces(derp) left in the wake of this stimulating, intellectual conversation:

Broclamation - Advent of the Bass Drop
Teitanbro - Seven Drops
Bro Witchery - Upheaval of Satanic Wubs
Brosphemy - Gods of Wub
Archbro - Wub of Brolehem
Brosphemophager- Nuclear Bropire of Wubacolypse
Bestial Brolust- Drops & Wubs
Mobrosidad – Morbrosidad
Sabromator - Goatwobble Panspermia
Broherit - Dropping Down the Bass
Anal Wubsphemy - Brostial Black Metal Wubs
Conquerbro - Wub Cult Supremacy
Pseudobro- Deathwub Broechesis

1. Pseudogod- "Malignant Spears" : Bestial Black/Death from Russia.  Off the LP Deathwomb Catechesis(2012)

2. Bahimiron- "The Abattior Inferno" : Raw Bestial Black Metal from The United States.  Off the LP Rebels Hymns of Left Handed Terror(2011)

3. The Haunting Presence- "Obscurity Realms(Ritual of Conscious Destruction)" : Raw Bestial Black Metal from The United States.  Off the demo the haunting presence(2011)

4. Blasphemophager- "Altar of Quantum Immortality" : Bestial Black Metal from Italy.  Off the LP …For Chaos, Obscurity and Desolation…(2010)

5. Manticore- "Unveiling the Ascension" : Bestial Black/Death from The United States.  Off the LP For Rats and Plague(2006)

6. The Beast of the Apocalypse- "I Am Not Worthy To Utter Thy Name" : Progressive Bestial Black Metal from the Netherlands.  Off the LP Henosis(2011)

7. Goatpenis- "FROG-7 Missles" : Bestial Black/Death from Brazil.  Off the LP Depleted Ammunition(2011)

8. Truppensturm- "NecroEucharist" : Bestial Black Metal from Germany.  Off the LP Salute to the Iron Emperors(2010)

9. Anal Blasphemy- "Night of Inversion" " Raw Bestial Black Metal from Finland.  Off the LP Profane Fornication Ejaculation(2010)

10. Impious Baptism- "Path of the Inverted Trinity" : Bestial Black Thrash from Australia.  Off the EP Path of the Inverted Trinity(2012)

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