Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Curse Weekly Playlist: Japan > Music

Today, since the playlist is late, I thought I would do something... well completely different from the normal way things are done around here.

This week's playlist will feature 100% Japanese artists, and NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THEM IS METAL.  OR JAPANOISE.  We are kinda taking things easy this week with some nice noise-pop, post-shoegaze, math rock... and some other crazy shit which is purely of the Land of Godzilla.

Weaboo Boogie


1. 385- "脳みそあらおう" : Noise Rock/Jazz Rock/Funk.  From the EP 脳みそあらおう(2010)

2. Mass of the Fermenting Dregs- "ハイライト" : Post-Rock/Shoegaze/Pop Punk.  Off the EP Mass of the Fermenting Dregs(2008)

3. つしまみれ- "J-POP" : Post-Punk/Rock.  Off the LP Sex on the Beach(2010)

4. 百蚊- "ライオット" : Post-Rock.  Off the LP 刺したい(2006)

5. ゲルニカ- "Shishou Miya" : Avant-Garde Pop.  Off the LP 新世紀への運河(1988)

6. ハイスイノナサ- "The Child of Imagination and City" : Math Rock/Post-Rock.  Off the EP The Child of Imagination and City(2007)

7. ミドリ - "Ai no Uta" : Noise Rock/Jazz Fusion/Crust Punk.  Off the LP Second(Heart)(2009)

8. toe(Featuring Toki Asako)- "Goodbye" : Math Rock.  Off the LP For Long Tomorrow(2009)

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